Looking for something?

Every week, Ligit sends me a report on searches and stats. I usually just delete it without even looking at it because I have serious number aversion. Today, I looked. In the report, there is a list of items people searched and found no results. So...because I hate fruitless searches, let me help you:

Saint Dolls Sarah Anne. We've had that one before. Lots and lots of times. Sarah Annie's birthday saints can be found here.

Musical Toy. No clue, really. But I'm thinkin' maybe what we affectionately call "Dooba Blocks?" We don't have many musical toys...

St. Faustina CD is from the same people who brought the St. Therese rosary into my life. You can find that here.

Lavender Play dough: This one was weird. I knew exactly where the post was but, even when I search the title or the date, I can't get Ligit to show it and I can't get a permalink to pop up readily and I'm running out time. So, go to "Summer of Grace" (click from the category cloud on the right) and scroll down to "How to Calm a Cranky Afternoon."

Mirical. Ah. Miracles. We've had many. Write and tell me which one you were remembering.

Now that I've satisfied my inner research librarian (winking at you Leah;-), I'm off to start my soccer day. Back later with a Daybook from Starbucks!