Daybook: Soccer Camp Week

Outside My Window

“Downtown” McLean, Virginia. I’ve set up at a Starbucks this morning and I'll be back here again this afternoon. Mary Beth and I decided that it was really silly to drag everybody to soccer camp this week. They’re happier at home. So, I’m here alone for two hours this morning and again this afternoon. I’m thinking this could be an exceptionally productive computer week.


I am Listening to

It’s noisy here! People talking, background music, traffic noise, and the espresso machine and blenders.


I am Wearing

A pale green embellished t-shirt, khaki skimmers, flip flops, and silver and pearl drop earrings.


I am so Grateful for

~the hope of new beginnings.

~the dear friend who called me between the Romaine lettuce and the avocados at Costco. Somehow, she knew I was thinking “Paddy can make one more Caesar salad before he goes, but these avocados won’t be ripe in time for him to make guacamole.” And so, the rest of my shopping trip was blessed with understanding, good advice, and the wisdom of the Church Fathers.

~ Homecomings. Not sure I’ve ever been so glad to have Mike home as I was yesterday.


I'm Pondering

"The child breathes the atmosphere emanating from his parents; that of the ideas which rule their own lives” (Charlotte Mason, Vol. 2, p. 247).

I am Reading

Safe People: How to find relationships that are good for you and avoid those that aren’t

It’s an excellent, insightful book. My friend Linda gave it to me in August of 2003. I wish I had read it then. It’s all about healthy relationships and how to both choose good friends and be a good friend. I think it’s a good read for late teenagers and twenty-somethings, too.


I am Thinking

Truth be told, I’m thinking incessantly about Paddy and the opportunities and the discerning that lies ahead of him. But for the next week, I’m going to do my pondering in my heart.


I am Creating

Blog posts, this week, I think. I’m trying to put a positive spin on Soccer Camp Week and maybe blog ahead a bit, knowing that things will be very busy in the weeks to come and that I’ve not been able to find much blogging time in the last few months. We’ll see what four hours a day for five days does for me. Of course, I’m also still being called by the addictive compulsion to keep creating plans at the CM Organizer, so that will share time with the blog.


On my iPod

Redwall from! Yippee! This is Redwall read by Brain Jacques, who really wrote this book for radio. It’s a wonderful literary experience, even for those of us who usually  have trouble with talking rodents. I can’t say enough about these books. They launched Michael into a literary world when he was ten—he went from being a tentative reader to being a voracious reader and from being a terrible speller and barely-writer to being prolific and eloquent.


Towards a Real Education

Each of the little boys is getting an hour and a half of read aloud time, listening to Redwall back and forth from soccer camp. That counts.

Of course it does.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

This is the week we all learn if my checklists in the home management notebook will really work on their own. My children are home with the lists. I’m here with a grande soy latte. Wonder how the house is running? 


To Live the Liturgy

I so wish this weren’t the week Fr. Taylor was going to be gone all week. I so wish it…

Big week.


I am Hoping and Praying

For Patrick Hart and his family. Patrick and Michael were little boys together. His mother Kathy is a kindred spirit and has long been one of the most amazing examples of grace and strength in the face of tragedy I’ve ever known. Patrick has recently been diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease and is fighting for his life. Please, please pray with me! They need a miracle. Another miracle. But Kathy Believes in Miracles.

In the Garden

Some volunteer Morning Glories popped up out of nowhere while we were at the beach. I love these flowers—they speak my language. I can so relate to sweet, simple blossoms that bloom bright and early with all sorts of hope and beauty and delight in the day and then start to fade by early afternoon and go to sleep very early. Karoline loves them, too, and tells us that they are how God says, “Good Morning!”

Around the House

I wonder why I thought it necessary to clean before 6 college soccer players camped in my house? Now, my house looks exactly like 8 teenaged and early twenty boys were there, along with the 6 other children…


From the Kitchen

I did some big cooking this weekend (along with my B&B duties) so that I have freezer meals good-to-go this week. It reminded me of back when I did once-a-month cooking. It might just be time to revisit that this fall.

One of My Favorite Things

Ann Voskamp’s blog. She reads my  heart. Yes, my friend. We’re focusing on beginnings. Thank you for the beautiful reminder.


Sarah Annie this week

She is my sweet Morning Glory. Up early, she loves her quiet nursing time and then breakfast with me, followed by sitting on the porch and watching the birds eat breakfast, followed by breakfast with Daddy. What joy she brings to the day’s beginning.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Michael left for pre-season camp yesterday.

The little boys have camp all week.

Patrick takes summer soccer camp to unprecedented heights. Please pray for him. Thy will be done!

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