Happy Birthday, Mary Beth!


You have a full day planned today, but none of it is festive. After an all-day rehearsal for Nutcracker, you will go to a babysitting job. We don't even have time for a birthday lunch. It's an exciting day for most of your friends today. It's Homecoming at PVI and your girlfriends will spend the evening swishing about in fancy dresses at the ball. You're on the backside of that September 30 school deadline. This isn't your freshman year. And you don't go to school. It's all a bit like Cinderella today, isn't it?

Other girls would feel sorry for themselves, and maybe a wee bit envious. But not you. Nope. You went to the game last night and absolutely reveled as your friend Bailey was introduced on the Homecoming Court. You went out with her afterwards and celebrated in every sense of the word. You texted me and told me it was awesome.

So are you.

Yesterday you learned that you won't be going on a birthday trip to England next month to visit Patrick after all. The timing just won't work for us. We're all bitterly disappointed.

The thing is, there are lots of dances in your future and they're not very far away. And there is definitely a chance to use that pretty new luggage Grandpa and Barbara sent, probably right around the corner.

So fourteen dawns with a tease and the whole universe seems to cry out for your patience. One thing I can promise you with absolute certainty (because my fourteen looked very much the same way): good things come to those who wait. Very, very good things.

You don't wait alone. We are right beside you, holding our breath in anticipation of all the good the world has to offer you!

May your day be blessed and the coming year sparkle with joy!