Maybe this sewing thing really can be as easy as








Katie and I started sewing yesterday afternoon. We made her skirt first. This is a super easy pattern. I was happy to discover that I actually remembered a thing or two from past attempts to sew. The pattern was a good one with DSC_0135 which to get started. We learned all sorts of things about our machine and we made all sorts of mistakes had all sorts of opportunities to learn something new. See those cute "design elements" we added down the back? They may or may not hide some mistakes evidence of lessons learned.


Karoline's skirt is leftover Heather Bailey fabric from my last foray into sewing, which was four years ago when Karoline was a stationary, quiet baby.She's so over-the-top excited about this sewing thing that I think there are lots of ribbons and ruffles in her future. I was pretty bummed to find that my local fabric store no longer carries Heather Bailey (or Anna Maria Horner or Oliver and S or pretty much anyone else who has inspired me online). Maybe the store in Charlottesville will be more fruitful in our search to start the stash. And I'm really hoping you will tell me your favorite online sources for fabric and ribbons. 

Sarah Annie's skirt is made from what was left after I overbought for Katie. Yay for tiny little girls! She just loves to match someone. She wants ribbon, a bow, and a button on her back too. Maybe we'll add one later.

Tomorrow, I've promised Katie she can make one all by herself (sort of) and we have the fabric and ribbons for Gracie's skirt, too. . And I still have enough Heather Bailey for another skirt for Sarah.


How are you spending your summer afternoons?