Summer Simplicity

Outside My Window

Four little girls have been happily playing all day long, despite ridiculous heat and pesky big brothers.


I am Listening to

Nothing right now, but I've been listening to a book on Kindle all day long.


I am Wearing

A simple t-shirt and seersucker capris.


I am so Grateful for

the kind words about this post. Your comments on Facebook and your emails are treasures. I'm privileged, particularly, to hear your stories of grace.


I'm Pondering

"Providing the right stuff--opportunities, shoes, private schools, skating lessons, etc.--has become the gold standard for many parents when it comes to excellent parenting. Since each of us longs to be the best mother possible, we quickly ride the same train in order to be better. The problem is, we are duped. Rarely do kids describe their mothers as being fabulous moms for the material things they provide. When I ask adult children about their parents, they talk about their mothers' greatness in terms of their kindness, affections, and caring. (Yes, and they even describe their favorite foods their mothers made.)  Young kids talk to me about their moms' moods, how fun they are or whether they are crabby. They don't boast about their shoes, their schools, or the sports they play when talking about their mothers. They talk about their moms, not what their moms give them. 10 Habits of Happy Mothers

I am Reading

10 Habits of Happy Mothers. Good stuff here. Really good stuff.  I'm listening on Kindle. This book is so packed with great wisdom. Together with Simplicity Parenting, I think these are the best of parenting books. 10 Habits isn't a parenting book as such, but if mothers employ these 10 habits, they will be excellent mothers. And happy ones, too. So good I'm seriously considering a book study.

I am Thinking

about asking some small businesses and Etsy crafters if they'd like to sponsor this blog. Let me know if the thought appeals to you. I'm shooting for the beginning of July...


I am Creating

~A Baby Surprise Jacket Ginny came and helped me sew the seams together. Still working on button options.

~To Eyre shawl. Oh, I so love, love, love the process of knitting this one. The yarn, the pattern, it's all good. And nearly finsihed

~These skirts. Four, so far, as we made Gracie's this morning, in time for a midmorning tea party. There is another one cut and ready for Katie to sew later today.


On my iPod

Not much new. I'm listening to my Kindle these days and really impressed with the audio. I kept it with me while I sewed and  then, all afternoon, as I've decluttered in the bedrooms with a vengeance, I've listened. The sound quality is very good. 

*Just to clarify: I'm listening to the Audio Book version from Audible on my Kindle. I'm not listening to the Kindle text-to-voice version.

Towards a Real Education

I suppose I should put down the knitting and the sewing and start writing lesson plans. Next week. Definitely.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

I am in love with summer rhythm. In love. The morning rhythm is good. The bedtime rhythm is peaceful and happy. I'm so in love with this rhythm that I might write a whole post about it.


To Live the Liturgy...

The rosary on tape is part of my little girls' bedtime routine. We use an ancient cassette tape of a children's rosary produced by Lion Communications. I've searched high and low for these online and never found them. Anyone know? These rosary tapes are my very favorite and those songs are etched into the fond memories of all my children. One of those songs was even my "labor song" when Mary Beth was born.


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me. 

 for a friend for whom life has been exceptionally difficult and lonely

 In the Garden

We have enough basil for our first batch of pasta pesto tonight. Good thing, too because I forgot to defrost anything else.


Around the House

Much decluttering. Everywhere. New calendar season, new season of life. Time to clear the clutter.


From the Kitchen 

With the demise of our spare refrigerator, there has been a drastic shift in shopping and planning routines. I can't shop in the quantities I need to for the week because we don't have the storage space. There are 11 people eating here, three meals a day. So, we're shopping every three days and re-thinking things a bit.


One of My Favorite Things

The smell of the room when I'm steaming cotton lawn.


A Few Plans for the Week

more clutter conquering

more crafting

that's about it...


Picture thoughts:

   G skirt


{These is Gracie this morning. She wasn't here yesterday so she didn't get in on that photo shoot. We made her skirt this morning.)