Outside My Window

The sun shines brightly. It's just a matter of minutes, I'm sure, before the haze settles. Today's true temperature is forecasted to be 100 degrees. Not even looking at the "feels like." 

I am Listening to

The hum of the refrigerator. 

I will never tire of these two and their ferocious hugs. They just love each other so much and they hug with such intensity.


I am Wearing

A t-shirt, boxers, and a bathrobe. And it's going to take all kinds of self-discipline to force myself to get dressed this morning.


I am so Grateful for

my father and stepmother and all the effort they put into our weekend in Charlottesville.


Joyful anticipation at the top of the slide.

I'm Pondering

You don't need a perfect world to teach well. You need a perfect strategy. You need a strategy that does not involve manipulating events that are largely out of your control. Each year I have discerned "what" we need to accomplish. We make checklists to help us stay on track and cover the necessary ground.  The "when" of it varies but it always happens and surprisingly well.  Real life and real learning are unnerving to those who are wedded to absolute control. With faith and a fun loving attitude you can roll with the punches and thrive. It just requires a bit of thinking outside the box. : )

~more here. DSC_0922

I am Reading

Revisiting August Inspiration. Thinking lots of the same thoughts. Weaving new plans from old ideas.

I am Thinking

that I need to spend this week taking really good care of myself because the rest of the summer is going to require 100%.. 


kids and canoes: summertime bliss; those are Elizabeth DeHority's children with mine

I am Creating


this week's projects from Stitch-by-Stitch are eye masks and buttoned belts.


I didn't touch  tiny tea leaves cardigan until Sunday. I was just feeling too sick all last week to knit much. So I missed the opportunity to get Ginny and Elizabeth help me pick up stitches. I did knit yesterday though, and it's really happy the way it's all turning out. Mary Beth and Elizabeth had a chance to work out legwarmer details.


On my iPod

Chris Young.


Towards a Real Education

I'm making a list of things *I* want to learn this year and gathering some resources. I have this sense that one of the best things about home education is learning alongside one's children in a very tangible way. So, I want to learn

~to sew garments and to tailor the fit.

~to upholster furniture.

~to draw well

~to embroider well

~to golf (Actually, I don't much want to learn this "skill" but I think I should. Mike tried to teach me to play twice, once when I was about 14. It's one of my earliest memories of him. I was so flustered by his arms around me trying to teach me to hold the club that I didn't hear a word he said. Then, he and my dad tried a few years later. They were both so frustrated by the second hole that I just tagged along and enjoyed the setting. I seem to remember being forbidden to drive the cart, either.) My kids have gotten the golf bug and this is a good season to begin, I think. Nicky will let me borrow his clubs.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Mike stayed home last weekend while we were away. He focused on tying up some loose ends from his production company and cleaning a bunch of stuff out of his home studio (the sewing studio by day;-). He had a quiet, productive weekend in his house. He so needed that and I'm grateful he was able to have the time. 


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me. 

 for all the people who have written me recently to ask for prayers.

for healing

 In the Garden

We have tomatoes. Not many, but some. Next year, I'm going to draw garden plans in February, consult experts, and do this right.


Around the House

I don't know. I just got home. I need to evaluate.


From the Kitchen 

This is the first week of Patrick's assumption of grocery duties. I think he'll do the Costco run and I'll do Trader Joe's.


One of My Favorite Things

Mint Springs Lake.


A Few Plans for the Week

Doctor's appointments this morning.

Mary Beth is having some friends here this afternoon to hang out at the pool later today.

Mike has some travel plans and they keep changing. 

Soccer practice has begun.

Soccer practice has begun...

That was a very good summer. I'm sorry to see it end.

Picture thoughts:


Pictures are from lakeside days last weekend. I wasn't real quick on the shutter button, I'm afraid. I was actually barely moving as I "nursed" abscessed mastitis. so I missed a lot. Ginny did much better.