Stitch by Stitch: Reversible Totes

When I asked who wanted to make tote bags, every girl responded enthusiastically. What is it about girls and bags?


I made mine first and made it a little smaller than the one in the book (because I made a cutting mistake). I kept the proportions the same, though. My straps were supposed to be the same as the ones in the book. I measured and measured and measured again. They definitely look skinnier. Whatever the case, Sarah was very happy to have this bag as her own. I used Lipstick dots and Lipstick flowers by Darlene Zimmerman.




Katie made her bag from that ubiquitous quilt fabric that keeps and giving and giving and from some fabric Elizabeth DeHority sent her way in a stash box. I did the cutting for her, but she did the rest all on her own. She was tickled with the result and packed it full of clothes to take to Charlottesville with her last weekend.


Gracie's bag was made from some fabric her Nanny picked up and some different fabric from Katie's DeHority stash. Gracie and Mary Beth made this one together. I wasn't even around for the production at all. Gracie especially loves that magic moment when you turn a reversible object all to its right side and the straps are where they belong. Very cool:-)


Mary Beth chose the fabric for her bag. She's a devoted Amy Butler fan. No matter where she wanders on fabric sites, she ends up back at Amy. She's used Delhi Blooms in Rose and Peacock Feathers in Blush.  In case you're interested and you just can't wait, this Etsy shop was super quick--great service, great selection! (need a picture...hmmm.)

Skills we Learned

openings and reversibles


handles and straps

flat bottom techniques


Our lessons so far:

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