Sponsor Introduction: Memoria Arts Design


If you are a frequent reader here, you will notice that we did some sprucing up last spring: a new theme, a new banner, new graphics. What you may not have noticed is the deep cleaning underneath. The goal is to get this blog looking beautiful and working beautifully. All that design work was done by Joy of Memoria Arts Design and her husband James, who makes it all go ever so smoothly.

Now, you can contact me in an abundance of ways and you can subscribe on your reader and subscribe via email--lots of little buttons right there at the top of the sidebar for your clicking happiness. (The rainbow-looking one allows you to add the feed for this blog to your reader and that "R" will take you to my knitting passions if you are a member of Ravelry:-).  Beneath the pretty sidebar pictures are links to useful, prayerful sites I visit every day. Things are feeling happy and spruced up and I couldn't be more pleased and grateful to Joy. We're gearing up to do a Serendipity overhaul soon. Yes, long overdue, I know. Joy keeps gently prodding me; I've been dragging my feet. 

Memarts button

Are you looking at doing some prettying up or even some deep-cleaning, bloggily-speaking?  You really need to click here.

Memoria.Arts Design is a husband and wife team: she makes it pretty, he makes it work. They are your one-stop web design shop. They do it all: full-scale business sites, full-scale blog design, graphics to web support and hosting. They’d love to partner with you.

What you can expect with them: a clear, concise design ethic. They’ll walk with you every step of the way, from mock-up to final product. (Prepare to thoroughly enjoy Joy's brainstorming sketches.)They’ll give you a clear road map for completion. Your website is all about you- they’ll make sure that comes through loud and clear!  Contact them at <<memoriaDOTarts ATgmailDOTcom>>  to get started.