Slice of Life this Monday Morning


Outside My Window

I picked up Mike at the airport in the dark and snuggled with him as the sun rose. Outside my window, it dawned a beautiful day.


I am Listening to

Silence. Very active weekend has left our children sound asleep this Monday morning. I'm grateful that I don't have to hustle them off to school.


I am Wearing

Jeans, floral poplin shirt, cotton cardigan and these shoes. The autumn uniform.

I am so Grateful for

God's lessons. Sometimes it's hard to learn the things He intends us to learn, but I'm always grateful for the lessons.

I'm Pondering

  "Let your religion be less of a theory and more of a love affair." -G.K. Chesterton 

I am Reading

Becoming More than a Good Bible Study Girl I want to tell you more about this book. Hopefully, I can do a proper book post soon.


I am Thinking

about how sad it is that the body of Christ is splintered. We have so much to offer one another and division only and always inflicts pain.


I am Creating

I'm told that a certain birthday girl wants a crown of her very own. Pink. Of course. She says she's going to be a "Birthday Princess" for Halloween and since that is, indeed, true, and she only gets to turn three on Halloween once in her lifetime, I suppose I'm going to bow to her ever-changing costume whims for as long as possible.


To live the liturgy:

The Holy Father's intention for this month: That the terminally ill may be supported by their faith in God and the love of their brothers and sisters. 

We have lived this well this month, up close and personal. And we continue to walk with the sorrowing.


Towards a Real Education

Katie and Karoline have a delightful new bedtime routine. Since Mary Beth is at dance until well past nine every night, I've been working on getting the three little girls settled all together, without Mary Beth's assistance. So, after the bath routine, Katie and Karoline choose ten picture books each. While I snuggle Sarah to sleep (and she might just nurse a little--don't judge), Katie reads to Karoline. If they're still awake once Sarah's asleep, I take over the reading. That's a whole bunch of reading!


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

{We hit a rhythm last week and I'm going to cling to it for all its worth. We are far more creative, productive, and happy once the rhythm has been worked out and life--however busy--is more predictable.}

I wrote that last Monday. Rachael's dad died Tuesday morning. Last week's rhythm was not "routine," but there still was rhythm. I think that's a sign of an underlying structure that's going to work over the long haul. At least, I hopes so.

I am Hoping and Praying

for Rachael, her father, and their family and friends. I was blessed to be present at the most amazing funeral ever last Friday. And we were sent forth with quite a mission for prayer. We also all left that church wanting to live for Christ and in Christ; I can't think of a greater tribute to Greg Davenport's life.

 I am learning

to make a little quilted playmat. When Sarah Annie was discharged from the NICU, we were invited to choose from a large collection of beautiful handmade blankets for her to bring home. I was so touched by the gesture that, as a family, we've resolved to donate a handmade blanket every year on Sarah's birthday. Nicky and I have a really good one going here, thanks to this tutorial.


Around the House

We've got some picking up to do before Bible Study this afternoon. Katie and Karoline got into the autumn decorating box and happily sprinkled seasonal cheer here and there. I am hoping to dip leaves this week. I think they might actually be dry enough at last.


From the Kitchen 

A big pot of chili today.


On my iPod:

Amy Grant older and newer. I've promised my kids Scotty McCreery, but I'm reserving it to use as a bribe motivation to clean.


One of My Favorite Things

new fabric and the promise of an old friend to help me make something of it.


On the Calendar for the Week

I'm just a little torn between insisting on a week of solid school days with no interruptions and the call of the beautiful days to go out and play. Skyline Drive, maybe? 


Worth a Thousand Words

{tickle party}

It's a little fuzzy but the memory still makes me giggle.


My heartfelt prayers for you all this week.