If You Can Dream It, You Can do It ~ Walt Disney

I'm kind of hanging on to this Walt Disney quote these days, rolling it around in my head, making a motto of it. Our family is planning a big trip south after New Year's and I'm in the early planning stages, thinking hard about the wide age span and the mixed genders and the vast resources for fabulous fun. I'm beginning to sketch out how we will use our time. We'll stay at a Disney hotel (it's an ESPN thing~my husband works for Mickey Mouse).  Right now, I'm very much enjoying Dawn's Disney blog, because I know Dawn and if anyone can approach Disney in an organized efficient manner, it's Dawn. I'm so grateful she went recently. I'm learning at the feet of a master.

I'm very much in the information-gathering stage. Have you been to Disney World? Traveled a long distance with nearly a nearly a dozen people? What are your best tips and tricks? Books? Resources? I'm all {mouse} ears:-).

Oh, and to give you full appreciation of what Disney is for little girls, you've got to watch this one all the way to the end. I smiled until I cried.