Intentional Weekend: Thinking about Thanksgiving

P is for pilgrim

P is for Pilgrim
Another winner from Sleeping Bear Press of our Monday Night Football Geography fame.

This First Thanksgiving Day: A Counting Story
This is a lively counting rhyme with bright, cheerful pictures. Easily memorized in time to impress the grandparents at Thanksgiving Dinner.


N. C. Wyeth's Pilgrims
This is my absolute favorite Thanksgiving book. The clear, crisp, astonishingly beautiful N. C. Wyeth paintings are so very memorable.

Cranberry Thanksgiving
Five-in-a Row favorite. It's out of print. The recipe for cranberry bread is quite good.

Autumn Across America

This is a photography book worthy of the coffee table. I can't for the life of me figure out why it's out of print. (Shhh...there are 15 used ones available at Amazon).

  In november

In November

Cynthia Rylant makes poetry of November. This is a sensory feast, filled with warmth and snuggling and the gathering of creatures.


Eu-cha-rist (ykr-st) The Eucharist is another name for Holy communion. The term comes from the Greek by way of Latin, and it means "thanksgiving." It is used in three ways: first, to refer to the Real Presence of Christ; second, to refer to Christ's continuing action as High Priest (He "gave thanks" at the Last Supper, which began the consecration of the bread and wine); and third, to refer to the Sacrament of Holy Communion itself. [Middle English eukarist, from Old French eucariste, from Late Latin eucharistia, from Greek eukharisti, from eukharistosgrateful, thankful : eu-eu- + kharizesthaito show favor (from kharisgrace; see gher-2 in Indo-European roots).]


Revisiting a big kids' lapbook to make plans to do it all over again with the little ones:


Here is a narration of Cranberry Thanksgiving on the left and a Thanksgiving poem for memory and copywork in the middle.

Lapbook 3


Mary Beth has written things for which she's thankful on the turkey's feathers. The purple matchbooks open to tell about the events on the Mayflower.



The map shows the journey from England to Plymouth.In the centerpiece are the steps for planting corn (I think this, the map, and the Mayflower pictures are from Enchanted Learning.). There is a folded Venn diagram just below the map (it's hard to see because it's yellow). Mary Beth compared our Thanksgiving dinner with the Pilgrim dinner.

Lapbook 8

On the right in this picture (really the bottom flap) is a four part shutter book with picture of spring, summer, winter and fall reduced from N. C. Wyeth's Pilgrims.  This is a really beautiful book!Beneath the flaps are narrations of each season that I keyboarded so we could fiddle with the font and make it fit.

Lapbook 10