It's a (Great Big) Give Jewelry Bracelet Giveaway!

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Remember Give Jewelry? If you don't, please go read. These are amazing folks who are working so hard on behalf of orphans in Bali. 

The children of the Bali Orphanage come from all over Indonesia. Many of the country’s islands are poor, which means families are often split up because of death, poverty or disease. Because Bali is one of Indonesia’s more stable islands economically, orphaned children often find themselves here.

Give Jewelry has partnered with the oldest and most established orphanage on the island. It’s run exclusively by volunteer nuns,and it operates with extremely modest means.

Under Indonesian law, only citizens of the country can adopt children from its orphanages. This makes placement challenging for these kids – as a nation that struggles economically, few Indonesians are in the position to take on an extra mouth to feed – and many of these children live their entire lives within the orphanage before leaving to get married or find work.

At any given time, between 45 and 80 children call the orphange home. And there is little hope for any other. The nuns, the children, and the people behind Give Jewelryare family in the truest sense of the word. 

We think a lot about crafting home here on this blog. A purchase of Give Jewelry is a truly beautiful way to help craft a home a world away.

Give Jewelry is offering you a $250 dollar, "Take care of all your Christmas shopping at once" giveaway.  The winner of the giveaway will also have 10 weeks of food (that's 210 meals!) donated in their name to the 2 new orphanages Give is just beginning to help on the islands of Sumba and Timor. That's how Give Jewelry works:

1 piece-1 child-1 week of food

So, really Give Jewelry is offering you a chance to give--to the children and to the people on your Christmas list. All the bracelets come packaged beautifully in a way that lets the recipient know that they are doing something wonderful for some children a world away. 


These are beautiful bracelets with purpose.

Give Jewelry is a sustainable movement to provide food for children in orphanages throughout Indonesia. The vision is simple: every bracelet purchased directly benefits kids in need. So no matter what type of bracelet you choose: friendship,charmleatherbeadedcuff or any of the ther bracelets, you’re really choosing to make a difference In the life of children.

There are lots of ways to enter the giveaway (and you can enter more than once):


o    Go to the site and choose your favorite bracelet and put a link back to the bracelet and a short description of it in the comments below.

·         Extra Entries:

o   Subscribe to the Give Jewelry blog

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o   Post about Give Jewelry on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube:

FREE Cause Bracelet for In The Heart of My Home Blog Followers:

FREE Cause Bracelet for In The Heart of My Home Blog Followers:

Please head over to Give and do a little Christmas shopping  to set in motion the “1 piece-1 child-1 week of food.”  Write “Elizabeth” in the comment box to receive a free cause bracelet of your choice!  Choose which cause bracelet, Relay for Life Purple or Breast Cancer Awareness Pink, by writing “Elizabeth-pink” or “Elizabeth-purple” in the comment box upon checkout. 

And take a moment to watch Give in action. You'll be glad you did.