On Monday Morning

I find myself:

::noticing God's glory

I planted sweet blue pansies a few weeks ago and they look at me--all cheerful little faces turned to the sun-- and promise me that they are hardy fellows and will do just fine when the weather isn't so kind. Some people are roses; I think it would be fine to be a pansy.


::listening to 

Crazy Girl by the Eli Young Band. I'm pretty sure that if this song were required listening for marriage prep and every guy understood its message, the length of the average married argument would be cut by more than half. (But I don't like the video at all. I hate it when a video nearly ruins a song.)


::clothing myself in 

three quarter length sleeves. I like my sweaters to have three-quarter length sleeves. They don't get in the way of frequent washing up or cooking or paints or such.


::giving thanks for

a very quiet weekend past, particularly when I look to the very not-quiet weekend ahead.


::pondering prayerfully

November 3:
Think: "When it comes to life the critical thing is whether you take things for granted or take them with gratitude." ~Chesterton 

God, remind me (gently?) not to take anything for granted. Give to me the gift of sensitivity. Make me ever aware of the many blessings you have bestowed for which I am truly grateful.

People who are survivors--who have survived accidents or illnesses--are often graced with an enhanced appreciation for life. They have learned, through pain and suffering, not to take a moment for granted. They know the fear that comes with having life threatened and so they have an acute awareness of the hope and joy that comes with having the threat subside. They might awaken in the morning after the crisis has passed with the sense that with the sun dawns a new life. And, despite the lingering pain, they feel the joy that comes with knowing that they will live to do His work. All the simple things that "regular" people take for granted are so sweet to the survivor that they bring tears to her eyes. That is the gift, the great reward on earth, that comes with suffering. The gift is there for each and every one of us. Unwrap the gift in all its wonder. Enjoy your time, your life. Don't take a moment for granted. Take them all with gratitude.

From Small Steps 


::clicking around these links

Here are some of the places I've visited recently:

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The heart of the Penn State tragedy

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And this one brings tears to my eyes every time I re-read it.


::turning the pages of this book

Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. So, that's what you call the demon I've been fighting all my life. Good to name it. God bless Emily, for giving voice.


::thinking thoughts as I go about my daily round

I have so very much to do between now and January first. My mind is spinning.


::creating by hand

A new quilt! I have four squares finished now and I'm just so very pleased. I love, love, love this art.. 


::learning lessons in

quilting. I can't get enough of this ecourse at Whipstitch. I'm so glad I jumped in.




::encouraging learning 

Despite herself, I think Mary Beth is finally seeing the merits of her anatomy class. I got quite the lecture the other day on how we're all woefully calcium deficient. And she's probably right.


::carefully cultivating rhythm

Ugh. We've been without our big van for a couple of weeks now. And then Mike's car broke down. Oh, and Mike has been in France for a week. And mary Beth has had dance rehearsals that don't follow the class scheudle at all. When the driving routine gets rocked, rhythm is seriously disrupted and it makes me a little crazy. He's home now and I think we'll get the car thing solved immediately. All will be well.

It's the morning after a homecoming; I always feel like all will be well on the morning after a homecoming.


::begging prayers

for two people very close to me who had big medical deals last week and will learn results this week. Praying for stength and grace and courage for all of us. 


::keeping house

I had so hoped to have painted and finished a few dozen of my renovation tasks before decorating for Christmas, but details got ensnared and we delayed beginning. Now, I'm thinking we'll just wait until January? I don't know...


::crafting in the kitchen 

with pomegranates. I love them and my kids know they are special and share a short season with peppermint shakes at Chick-Fil-A. Did you know that pomegranates have long been held to be a fertility fruit? I have six babies born nine months after pomegranate season. I'm a believer in that there myth.


::loving the moments

 when the big boys' girlfriends play with my little girls. A big family bonus, for sure.


::planning for the week ahead

lots of car details today.

Patrick plays in Columbus tomorrow. He had a pretty amazing game last week. Every day is an adventure with that child.

a very intense week of rehearsals.

Kingdom of Sweets and Holiday Rhythms on Saturday and Sunday.

Patrick has two soccer games this weekend.

Nicky has at least three games and Stephen has at least four. 

I will spend the week making sure we're ready for the weekend:-)


::capturing the images of my days