On a Monday Morning at Home

I find myself:

::noticing God's glory

and wishing it would snow. I've been treated to the sunshine and fair winds of Florida for the last two weeks. Now, I'm kind of hoping to hunker down and cozy in at home. A snowstorm would be just perfect right now--a chance to just be home and be settled. Otherwise, all the little grids in my planner are daunting. Really daunting.


::listening to 

Mike's Blackberry chime. He's sitting here beside me. This is a rare event because I try to stay away from the computer when he's around, but he's been around all the time for two weeks now, so we're making an exception.


::clothing myself in 

a Disney sweatshirt:-).


::giving thanks for

  • a safe trip
  • fine weather
  • the chance to visit with my mother and stepfather and my dear aunts and uncle.
  • Disney magic (which isn't magic at all--more on that later. Much more.)


::pondering prayerfully

 If creativity is a habit, then the best creativity is the result of good work habits. They are the nuts and bolts of dreaming. ~Twyla Tharp



::clicking around these links

No clicking. I just deleted over 1000 new posts on Google Reader. I sure hope I didn't miss anything really good. Let me know if you know of a not-to-be-missed link from the last two weeks. Oh, but do read this article. Michael told me about it and seconded it by telling me of a similar interview at USA Today. This guy is for real.


::turning the pages of this book

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. Lots of food for thought in this one. Sarah recommended it.


::creating by hand

Gosh! I have a whole list of things I've been itching to get to do. I'm going to start with a baby quilt for a dear February baby. And I think I'm going to try one of these scarves for myself. I think I'm on a little bit of scarf kick. And I promised every child in my family a flannel cozy. They want them yesterday. It's cold and they're complaining just a bit. Oh, and I'm thinking about Project Life. I'd really like to jump in. I have the kit and everything to go back and record my big boys' millions of picture currently in shoeboxes. But, oh, that digital idea? It's very, very tempting... On the other hand, it's a Shutterfly partnership and I 've been disappointed with the quality of shutterfly's printing on calendars and cards lately. Anybody have thoughts on this?



::learning lessons in

organization. I've been taking notes, at least mentally. I've come to the conclusion that some of the happiest, most creative places I know are extremely organized. I'm very motivated to re-visit my long-forgotten home organization notebook, update it, and implement some other organizational ideas I have buzzing in my brain. Within hours of arriving home, I'd completely cleaned out the pantry, reorganized three kitchen cabinets, re-organized all the bathroom cabinets, and fully stocked the refrigerator. 

Wedding planning. Here's where I ask (for the first time) for all your great ideas. Let's talk weddings and receptions. particularly if you are local and you know a great venue or caterer, please chime in!


::encouraging learning 

first up in my organized world: a very systematic school week. 


::carefully cultivating rhythm

When we were at Disney, our days were planned very carefully. We had a list, all written out, of what we were going to do when. We didn't follow the list. Our plans changed as circumstances dictated change. But we started with a plan and our serendipitous discoveries were all the better for having the plan from which to begin. There is going to be some carefully cultivated rhythm in this house henceforth.


::begging prayers

for my dear friend Colleen, as she meets incomprehensible grief of another child she will not hold here on earth, while going forward to embrace God's plan for her family in a foreign land. Her courage, her determination and her resolve to never, ever relinquish hope inspire me daily. Godspeed, my friend.

and for Mary Beth as she makes some difficult choices and some big changes.



::keeping house

I'm on a tear. Nothing like spending two weeks in beautiful homes and hotels to make one want to renovate the whole house;-).


::crafting in the kitchen 

Mike and I went out this morning and shopped for the week. We're all stocked up and my menus are made. It was astounding how our grocery bill compared to the last two weeks' eating out bills. We won't think about that now, though. Oh, and I think I'm going to take the Green Smoothie Challenge.


::loving the moments

There were so many moments. I'm grateful for all the time we had together. It was good. Very, very good.


::living the liturgy

I'm sort of lost liturgically. It was Christmas still when we left. Michael and Kristin took down the tree while we were gone and carefully put it away. But there are still little remnants of Christmas trimmings here and there. I'm focusing anew on praying the Hours and bringing myself into the presence of the universal Church. I'm ready to sink into Ordinary time. And, oh happy day, there are enough peppermint candles left to ease the transition this week. Life smells sweet.


::planning for the week ahead

I begin with the orthodontist at 7:15 this morning. Stephen popped two bands while we were gone.Have I mentioned that my orthodontist never sleeps? I'm pretty sure he doesn't. And he's very cheerful early in the morning. From there, it's back into the full swing of learning and playing and dancing and driving. While we were in Disney World, I walked 5-10 miles a day. Most of the time, I was carrying Sarah. I feel like that was a great jumpstart to a new, more active me. I am determined to get in an hour of exercise every day.