Tell People:-)

I am up to my eyeballs in re-entry. That vacation was awesome. 

I'm thinking all kinds of things, but finding no time to write them down and share them.

There's an awful lot to do here.


Before I left, I read with interest this piece by Jennifer Fulwiler. She wonders why there are no Catholic bloggers on a Top 100 List. Jen's thoughts are interesting, but the comments took me to an unexpected place. It was very interesting to hear what people considered a good blog. There certainly was no consensus at all. 

What makes a blog worth returning to again and again in your opinion? Why do you read blogs and which ones are your favorites?

While we're talking about it, be sure to pop by and make sure that the blogs you love get a shout-out here, at's Reader's Choice Awards. Social media is a force for change; there's no doubt about it. If we can be supportive of the people who create in this medium, we can help them grow and develop and be a blessing.