needle and thREAD

needle and thREAD

So, no sewing to report. Yet. I have a flannel nightgown day planned in honor of the forecasted snow, but that won't do much good this morning. Instead of works in progress or finished works, I have for you today the Grand Plan. Here's the sewing I have planned for the year. I figure this will keep me organized, give me a reference when I don't know what to do next, and hold me accountable (a bit) to use what I have.

First up will be flannel nightgowns made of Marmalade. I have lots of eyelet with which to trim them. Today. I must do these today.


Next up, Easter dresses. I'm planning three fairy tale dresses made of Ladies Stitching Club fabric, one in each colorway. To go with them, three Tiny Tea Leaves cardigans. One is nearly finished (I started it for Katie 18 months ago--it will be Karoline's instead) and the other two will be knit of Amy Butler Belle Organic Aran (this yarn has been discontinued).


After the Easter dresses (or maybe concurrently), this fabric will become a quilt for Mary Beth and draperies for her bedroom. The fabric is Heather Bailey Home Dec Garden District and the quilt will be our variation of the Picnic Blanket. We will do a drapery tutorial when we make these drapes. Cari's got it all written, but I want to take pictures as we go.


Then, it should be time for summer shirts and sundresses. I'll pull from the stack above.


This is Sarah Annie's stash. Pink. 


Dresses and tops for summer will come from this basket of Oliver + S patterns. We have more than enough in our collection for some variety.


Knitting after the Easter sweaters are complete will be Christmas knitting. We've got yarn stashed for scarves and cowls for cousins and teachers and special girls in our life. Still searching the perfect patterns (suggestions?). To go with the handknits, this year I'm resolved to give gifts in fabric bags. I still need to find a tutorial for nice drawstring bags.



I've set aside some bags we have to see if I can find the best method of "drawing the string." We have an abundance of Flurry fabric from the Christmas quilt. Some of it will become another quilt and the rest will be gift bags. 


I'm hoping to get to several quilt tops over the summer. I have jelly rolls of Kate Spain's new Honey, Honey set aside for the little girls. They will each get to choose the yardage for the backs and binding. I need to do that soon so that quantities aren't limited. I plan to use this quilt pattern.


I'd like to finish the California anniversary quilt. Maybe by our next anniversary?


Speaking of quilts, there is fabric here for a quilt for Mike's parents (some older Joanna Figuera) and then there is some more fabric from the quilt I made for Sarah's Posey-pie. Not sure if there's enough there for TWO more babies (you did hear she's expecting twins, didn't you?), but we're creative types around these parts; once we know gender, we'll put our heads to that.


There are some more of those fabulous Anna Maria Horner scarves to be made. I love these so much and truthfully, this fabric is earmarked for me! I hope to squeak them in rather soon. I also have a stash of ribbon. Opportunities to use pretty ribbon always seem to present themselves. It's good to be prepared.


There is also some long-ago stashed Anna Maria Horner on this shelf, enough to make a large voile quilt. I purchased it before I realized how slippery and fragile voile is. It's patiently waiting for my skills to improve. There's some velveteen, too. I was thinking about this cape. Maybe? 

That's more than enough for the year, I think. I haven't left any room for new inspirations. That's probably a good thing; I have imposed a spending freeze upon myself, too:-).

Reading? Did you notice that the girls' jelly rolls sit atop Deborah Moebe's new book? Stitch Savvy. You might remember that it was Deborah's book that got me going on this sewing path. That and Sarah's insistence that we both learn to sew. Instead of learning to sewing, Sarah had a baby. I learned to sew (a baby is better, I tell you).  Now, she's having twins. Guess that means my sewing goes into overdrive and I read Deborah's new book?

Stay tuned.

What are you sewing and reading this week? I really do want to hear all about it!

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Now, I must click this shut and focus on our pending snow day. 

And sew some flannel nightgowns. Today. Promise.