Still Talking Food (with a side of knitting)


After reading Cravings, I picked up An Everlasting Meal: Cooking with Economy and Grace. It's not really a cookbook, but I sure am learning some things about cooking! It's a book of foodie essays about elemental things, like how to make good stock and how to cook eggs well. I've been cooking eggs for a very long time and I promise you, I'll never look at an egg the same way again. I think we'll call it an "intentional kitchen book." It brings me back to the basics of food and what it is and what it can do with just a few simple skills. It's so well named--if you are a "judge a book by the cover" type, know that this cover suits this book. There is a certain economy to this kind of cooking and I confess that when my friend Tonia mentioned how much her food bill had dropped, she persuaded me to read the book. I consider myself a bit of a foodie and I've cooked many, many meals for quite the growing crowd. I couldn't imagine what new morsel would be between the covers, but they were there! I haven't finished yet and I do offer one caveat: there are lots of references to crusty bread brushed with olive oil and to shaved Parmesan cheese. If you are on a restricted diet, please consider that your craving alert.
I'm still knitting Katie's Tiny Tea Leaves, nearly finished with the yoke. Knitting and sewing time seem a bit scarcer than I'd like lately. Not quite sure why...
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