Lord, Hear Our Prayer


Many a friendship, long, loyal, and self-sacrificing, rested at first on no thicker a foundation than a kind word. The two men were not likely to be friends. Perhaps each of them
regarded the other's antecedents with somewhat of distrust. They had possibly been set against each other by the circulation of gossip. Or they had been looked upon as rivals, and the success of one was regarded as incompatible with the success of the other. But a kind word, perhaps a mere report of a kind word, has been enough to set all things straight, and to be the commencement of an enduring friendship. Fr. Faber

Sweet Jesus, today make me very aware of every opportunity to utter kind words. Give me the courage and the sweetness of disposition to say them and to mean them.

Where are your opportunities to speak words of kindness? Begin in your own home, first thing in the morning, and then seize every opportunity in all the social spheres where you find yourself today. Look particularly to someone you don't consider a friend, someone who might even be an adversary. Speak words of genuine kindness and compassion.

And then,
As we seek to grow together, to combat comparing and competing and envy, use social media this week to spread genuine kindness.
Kindness is the virtue that snuffs out envy.
Be kind.
How can we pray for you this week?