Pardon the interruption,

but we have some good news:-). So the blogging schedule for the week is pre-empted.

Yesterday, a little after 4:00, I was sitting at the dance studio, merrily uploading State Cup pictures from the weekend. Sarah was dancing. Katie and Karoline were playing with the delicious baby who belongs to one of the teachers. Mary Beth was supervising my picture efforts. 

My cell phone rang (yes, it's back). Christian's name flashed on the screen. His name on my phone never fails to evoke a physical response. My heart lurches into my throat every. single. time. (1) Christian hates the phone. He'd rather starve than use the phone to order pizza. He avoids it at all costs. (2) Christian is intense, high-need, and prone to crisis. (3) When you add 1+2, it means that Christian's name on the screen propels me into crisis management more often than not.

It was Christian. He sounded like he was crying. My heart started pounding furiously.

No, wait. This is GOOD. He's calling with GOOD news!

"I got in! I got in! They WANT me!"

And about ten years of stress melted away.

He had set one goal. He considered only one college. And he took the hardest, most uphill path I have ever seen to get there. But get there he did. To tell the whole story would be to give away pieces of my heart and his. Those are not mine to give away.

But please know how grateful I am for your prayers for this boy. I am quite sure they sustained us. (And don't stop praying;-).

I did a happy dance right there in the studio and scooted out to buy balloons and a celebration dinner. It was a very happy evening.

Then, last night, I slept more soundly than I've slept in a very, very long time.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about State Cup.