Happy Birthday, Patrick!


This is the first time I've been away from one of my children on a birthday. Michael went to college nearby and it was fairly simple to meet up to celebrate. It's a strange feeling not to see Paddy today. The day comes 'round and I can't help but remember. I have a much better memory of the day he was born than Patrick does, actually. And I probably remember his first and second birthday better, too. Oh, the second birthday! I was nine months pregnant with Mary Beth and Paddy had emergency microscopic surgery because he sliced through his hand on the computer (long story)

He's the boy with the Guardian Angel Birthday. Sledgehammers falling on his head just glance off and leave the smallest of scars.

Even the birthday he spent away from us--his 16th, living in Florida with the U-17 National Team--we got there. It was crazy good to see him, but he was so homesick, so sad. This year, we sent cookies to Charlottesville with his dad last night and we'll see him play on Friday. He's not nearly so homesick and he sounds pretty happy. Still, here I am with my memories, missing my boy. Facebook keeps prompting us to send him coffee. 'Twould go nicely with his cookies, but I think the resident cookie-baker has already done that today. 

No, I think there's really nothing more to send than prayers heavenward--for God's protection and for His blessing. And prayers of thanksgiving for the gift that is Patrick.