Eleven Things We Love About Our Katie



Yesterday was Katie's birthday. She turned 11. Katie told me that her fondest wish for the day was a day of shopping with me. I'm not a giant fan of shopping, but I was so touched that she wanted me for her birthday, I would have flown to the moon to go shopping if necessary. 

The day began with breakfast in bed (always does on birthdays in our house) and then we went shopping and to lunch at Whole Foods. Her grandparents had made gifts of birthday money and she happily gathered outfits that were thrifty and cute. It was a sweet, slow day that she savored for all its worth. When we arrived home, she made cupcakes to bring to her dance class. We had fish tacos for dinner. It was a Monday Night Football meal night and a pick-your-favorite-dinner-for-your-birthday night. Katie capably came up with a great menu that honored both occasions.

Sweet day. Sweet girl.

Eleven things I love about Katie:

  1. Katie is cheerful. She genuinely greets the day expecting the best of it. Sometimes she's disappointed, but she's a mostly joyful soul.
  2. Naturally flexible and quite graceful, Katie works really hard to be a good dancer. It's phenomenal how much she's learned this year. I love to watch Katie dance.
  3. Katie is the most patient big sister a little girl could be blessed to have. She would happily spend the entire day in the sunroom with her little sisters playing. She loves those little girls fiercely and she is so glad to have them in her life. They know it.
  4. In my sewing room, Katie is my kindred spirit, my best cheerleader, and often the creative spark. The girl is a very gifted little designer and is well on her way to becoming an impressive seamstress. I love the time we spend together with fabric and thread.
  5. The little girls would like me to add here that she is very good example for them. I'd have to agree.
  6. She's one tough cookie. Those two boys just above her in the birth order? They spare nothing in helping her to toughen up. She holds her own quite nicely.
  7. Completely undaunted by gluten-free restrictions, the girl can bake. Stephen--chief brother in charge of making Katie tough--even conceded this point: Photo-18
  8. She loves Jesus. Loves, loves, loves Him. Her name is Kirsten Therese and she's got the Little Flower's childlike faith down pat.
  9. Katie is courageous. She's always willing to try new things. 
  10. She's my garden girl, both in the growing and the eating. She loves nothing more than to skip outside and gather the goods and bring in a basketfull and then, she's an intrepid eater of all. This girl thinks my vegan ways are rockin'. It's nice to have some encouraging support in the kitchen and at the table.(Note she did not, however, choose a vegan birthday breakfast.)
  11. When I saw the light hit her face yesterday morning when we all brought her breakfast and sang a lusty "Happy Birthday," I thought she might just be the most beautiful sight in all the world.