Summer in the Little Oratory: Praying the Rosary {and a Gorgeous Rosary giveaway}

Today, Leila and I discuss the Rosary. We talk about the history of the devotion, about getting started in your home (even if conditions are not ideal), and about how to keep children engaged. If you've never prayed the rosary before, I think you'll find some compelling reasons to consider beginning the practice. The rosary is a readily memorized recapitulation of the gospel that--once learned--can go with you anywhere.  Even if the rosary is already part of your devotional life, Leila shares some insights and insipirations you won't want to miss. We take a serious look at the tough topic of reluctant dads and even digress towards talking about dates who watch baseball and what good predictors they are of marital bliss;-).  And there are lots and lots of notes and links for you today. Finally, at the very end, there is a beautiful rosary giveaway!

Rosary notes from Auntie Leila:

Praying the Rosary as a Family

And here, you know you're remembered in her rosary

Rosary notes at the in the Heart of my Home:

Rosary Addiction

Full of Grace

 Rosary CDs

These beautiful CDs have it all.  Lovely Gregorian chant in the background.  Soothing voices of prayer.  And every Hail Mary is preceded by a quote from the Little Flower  (in the case of St. Therese).  Those quotes have worked their way into my soul, they are becoming me... or I am becoming them. Either way, through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Mother, that elusive peace is happening. 

 Catholic Kids Guide to the Rosary

Large Multi-colored Wooden Rosary for Small Children


Secret of the Rosary

St. Dominic and the Rosary

Amazing Love: Rosary Meditations for Teens

A Mother's Bouquet

A Father's Heart

A Child's Treasure (and a coloring book to go with it)

Scriptural Rosary

Whew! Got all that? If you're still with me, please chime in below. I'd love to hear what you're thinking about living the spirit of this book in your very own home. Leave a link to your blog post or just speak up in the combox. Also, if you'd like to share photos on Instagram (I always like to do that;-), use the hashtag #littleoratory so we can find them! 

Leila has a place now at her blog for each of us to share a link to oratory pictures. I really think the more visuals, the better, so please go join the party over there. But before you go, do stop and talk about this podcast. I love to know you're listening and to know what you're thinking. As you read, if questions pop up, please don't hesitate to mention them here and I'll see if we can get you some answers in future podcasts.  I'd love to hear what you're thinking! 


All the rosaries pictured above were made by my daughter, Mary Beth, and me. This is a truly rewarding craft to learn. My favorite tutorials to get you started are here:

Basic Rosary and Chaplet Construction

Chaplet of St. Anne

St. Therese Chaplet

Some Rosary Parts Here


This rosary was made by

Ruth Tucker of Loreto Rosaries.

It can be yours if you enter and win the giveaway!

This woman's bronze rosary is made with stainless steel, nylon-coated flexible wire. Aves are 6mm Sodalite semi-precious gemstone beads. Paters are 8mm Czech fire polished beads. The bead caps are antique brass. The rosary center is 3/4 inches long and the crucifix is 1 3/4 inches long. They are solid bronze and are hand cast from antique vintage pieces. One of a kind original creation.

 To be entered to win this rosary,

go to Loreto Rosaries

and look around. come back here, tell me you went to Ruth's shop and leave a link for something that caught your eye. You just might win this beautiful blue rosary.