Repent and Restore

it's so funny to look at my blog and see that it looks like I write very infrequently. In reality, I've been writing like crazy! I finished up my work for the Blessed is She Lent journal just as the old year was ticking down. As always, the talented Erica Tighe at Blessed is She created something beautiful for you to hold in your hands. I cannot encourage you more to click on over and claim one of these for yourself today. They always sell out quickly and right now, you can get a presale deal. 

When I agreed to write the Lent journal, I knew that I would not be offering Restore this year. I wanted to be able to truly experience the Lent journal when all of you do, to take it in day-by-day and let the Scripture change me. Then I wrote the journal. I wrote and wrote and wrote, during Advent, what is inarguably the trickiest time of year for the is mom of a large and quickly changing family. 

As I wrote and as I researched, the Scripture changed me. I've seen shifts in relationships that I could not have imagined two months ago. The really interesting thing is that I'm the only one whose read it. The message in His Word is life-changing. I promise. 


As I pondered and prayed over this journal, I knew I wanted to share it more deeply with the women who have gathered in the Restore space for previous Lents. I learn my limits every day and I know that a full Restore workshop isn't what God is calling me to do this year, but...

What if I just opened the space? What if we we plumped the cushions and let a fresh breeze blow through the curtains, and what if we gathered there to do the Lent journal together? All the Restore materials will be there in a library. You can access the essays and the tutorials and the podcasts any time you need a little more Restore-- a full, rich Lenten experience in and of itself. But every day, as a community, we'll gather to talk about that day's Lent journal. Of course, our conversation will likely lead us back to the principles of Restore. We'll re-establish the warm friendship of women we grow to love every Lent. We'll even welcome some newcomers in and let them browse our beloved shelves full of memories from past visits. They can read and listen to what has made our Lent so restorative in the last few years. The additional Scripture in the journal that is just listed by chapter and verse? You'll find it all spelled out every morning in the Restore space. And, if after your own private time in the Word you feel like you just want to talk to someone (or shout or cry or even laugh), you'll find us gathered there and waiting. We'll hang out on Facebook Live once a week the way we did during Advent. And my guess is that we'll have a few surprise goodies for you, too;-).

Because it's not a full Restore workshop like years past, you'll find this Lenten community is very affordable. (Remember the cost of Restore has previously been more than $65. This year, all of those treasures and new conversation are yours for $35.) If you've done Restore before, be sure to visit the Facebook group for more details and a gift code for you before you purchase your membership. If you haven't done Restore before, you're in luck. You will get access to all those materials and to the ongoing conversation this Lent. All are welcome!

Click here to join us. 


You do need the Blessed is She Lenten prayer journal and it must be purchased separately. The bound version has sold out, but the digital version is an ebook this time and you can still get that!

If the cost of Repent and Restore is a concern, please don't hesitate to shoot me a note on Facebook and see what we can work out:-)