Intentional Weekend: Going Home

We took a quick trip to Charlottesville this weekend. Yesterday, Mike, Patrick, and I toured the University of Virginia and spent a good deal of time with the soccer coaching staff. Awesome place; I'd go there in a heartbeat;-). Paddy spent the night in the dorms. Mike and I went back to my dad's and Barbara's to hang out with them and the little siblings. We actually kicked back for awhile. I left the camera home and almost instantly regretted it. Katie captured these shots on Mike's cell phone.


 ~ a little surfing~


~a little knitting~


~we have the same toys at home but they seem better here, somehow~



~a birthday celebration for the 6 kids who have birthdays this month~

~ a yummy dinner (and leftovers for breakfast)~


We're heading home, all our ACC visits finished now. Paddy has some prayerful discerning to do. But, oh, how amazing, the opportunities this sport continues to offer him!


  1. Christine says

    Hello Elizabeth,
    I wonder if Paddy looked at the University of Akron (OH)? Last year they won the national men’s soccer championship. They are fun to watch. My fourth daughter is a sophomore in the Honors College there. Olivia says that the soccer players are smart, disciplined gentlemen, especially in comparison to the other male athletes. We have been pleasantly surprised by our first experience with a public state university for our children.

  2. says

    Paddy has friends at Akron. He kept his search pretty close to home, limiting himself to the ACC in MD, VA and NC. That limit still gives him 5 schools to consider and the order of the list keeps changing!

  3. Christine says

    That is so understandable. Two of mine have stayed closer to home in the Midwest and two went to the Northeast. It really saves money on travel and you can see them more often when are nearby.

  4. says

    I can’t believe he’s going to college already! With Pitt moving to the ACC, maybe we’ll be able to see him play before he graduates.

  5. says

    Technically, he’s only a junior, but the top recruits commit super early and I think he’ll start early in January of 2013. I like your chances for seeing him. I’m not sure which school, but it definitely looks like the ACC is the conference of choice.

  6. says

    How about a NCAA Clearinghouse manual. What did you do to prepare, what did you set aside, what would you do way early on in the high school career for the student athlete to prepare for the process of eligibility through the clearinghouse.

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